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Cleaning Quickies

They’re fast. They work. And best of all, they’re so easy even a guy can do ’em. All soaps are “antibacterial” Surprisingly, regular soaps are just as effective as antibacterial ones for killing germs. A Columbia University School of Nursing study revealed what really matters: the amount of time you take washing your hands. No matter what kind of soap ... Read More »

About the Book

Most men have a problem with cleaning house: They don”t know how to do it, and they don’t particularly want to learn. The results are usually a messy house, a bitter spouse – or both. CLEAN LIKE A MAN is the solution. It’s the first and only housekeeping primer that tells men how to clean the house their way: getting ... Read More »

Ask Clean Like a Man

Burning questions. Straight answers. Here’s advice that’ll set readers on the path to cleanliness. Send in your questions too. Hey C.L.A.M: What”s up with the 5-second rule? Is it real or an urban legend? Do you follow it? -Russ Kurth, Clearwater, FL Hey Russ, The 5-second rule holds that food dropped on the floor is still OK to eat as long ... Read More »