The MEN Commandments

The MEN Commandments

Thou Shalt Clean Faster, Smarter & Better

These are housecleaning basics retooled to be as guy-friendly as possible: essential know-how in the manly quest to streamline housekeeping. THEY’RE A GODSEND!

I. Get Started
Men are often intimidated into paralysis by a seemingly-huge job. The solutions:

  • Choose ONE room to work on; focus ONLY on that room.
  • Start with the task that will have the biggest impact (just removing clutter is often a humungous improvement).
  • A simple list helps you prioritize and keep moving along.

II. Race the Clock
Tweak that male competitive gene. Go into ONE room, set a timer for 10-15 minutes, and concentrate only on cleaning that room (the following rules will help, too). Don”t leave the room until you”re done. And next time, try to beat your “record” time.

III. Pick Up the Place First
Scattered newspapers, plates, pizza cartons, half-read Tolstoy novels…clutter just slows you down. Toss everything into a big box, a closet, or another room, and you’re ready for some serious (and fast) housework.

IV. Say No to Knick-Knacks
When dusting, a tabletop filled with junk (aka “collectibles”) ruins your momentum. So ditch this stuff (except for your sports memorabilia).

V. Divide and Conquer
Break chores down into smaller, more manageable jobs. Focus on just one thing at a time.

VI. Carry Your Supplies With You
Tote your sprays, sponges, rags, etc. along with you when cleaning. Use a shopping basket, tool belt, paper bag…whatever works.

VII. Deploy Supplies Where You Use Them
This allows instant, easy access. Prime spots: under bathroom and kitchen sinks.

VIII. Start High, Finish Low
Gravity: it’s the law! Clean from ceiling to floor – because when you stir up dust and dirt, they float earthward.

IX. Get the Right Stuff
Using brand-name cleaning tools and supplies makes housekeeping faster, easier and less aggravating. They”re famous for a reason: they work best.

X. Spritz, Don’t Splash
Use as many cleaning solutions as possible in spray containers, then spritz onto surfaces. Forget heavy, sloshing buckets of dirty water.

XI. Don’t Clean Too Much
Someone wants to eat off the floor? That”s their problem!